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When I was little my mom called me stinky bottom so now we call Marcel stinky lol. My

husband calls me Dody because my first name is Dolores and I call him Big Nose when Im

irritated with him. So what are YOUR nic names?

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I have Aspergers, though biggest ailments are central coherence are there drugs to help this?

I have this issue that I love books, I love the arts and I love watching movies, but I cant always understand what people really mean by what their saying, what IU'm hearing in movies and sometimes it gives me headaches to read a book, becuase I cant understand the "full meaning', the 'whole picture" or "whole concept" of what someones saying, or what I'm reading.

I hate this I want so much to enjoy books the way my hearts telling me I could.. I just have to know that there are drug(medication) treatments to help those autistic people like me that can't get to full understanding og what I read or hear( ligustic processing) I'm told its called..... is there any drugs to help this?

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Recession and Small Desperate Ways to Save Money

This is a favorite topic here on the blog, money saving strategies.  Okay, here goes my ramble...

The closest grocery store to me, a Kroger-based market, recently did a huge remodel and expansion, knocking out several other storefronts.  They put in wine racks atop foofy woodsy flooring, an enormous deli area, new tiling, self-checkouts, an expanded floral department with fountains, you name it.

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Yesterday afternoon..., IT was all over the master bedroom, not pretty. How can something so yucky

come out of somebody so darn cute mmm?

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I just found this =) wanted to share.

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Happy Birthday Cindy

Cindy, was it your birthday this last weekend?  Happy b-day! 

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Special geust

Hello Everyone,

I have been working hard on my senior project and I have gotten a lot of the important stuff done. I just wanted share some stuff. I was recently in touch with a local chef and she agreed to be the "celebrity chef" which will do a little presentation. Also I got a adivisor to help me out which is really great to not be alone but I wouldn't be anywhere with out the adive I got on here. Also a local grocery store is donating the food. Oh yes I picked a date and It's going to be on Sunday the 5th of April becaue it's Autism awareness month. Also if anyone is in the San Francisco area and wants to help out at the event or would like your child to participate your welcome to join in I will post more information as I go on. Does anyone know of a good Autism organization in San Francisco or near it? Because the store wants me to help a actual cause but I really just want to do it for the kids. So if you know of any it would be lovely to know. Also I don't think I will be having anymore then 12 kids because I think it would be to overwhelming if there was more. Thats my update I'm just procrastinating on my request for  propsal for my event planning class.

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Another Amazing Potty Accomplishment

This happened last night as Wyatt was running around naked while we were in the process of dressing him for bed.  He ran into the bathroom, quickly peed into the toilet, and ran back out again.  This was a first!  Completely voluntary and spontaneous!  He didn't follow any of the potty routines we've established, but he did get the important bit right.  And that is not peeing on the floor. 

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I just wanted to let everybody know he's doing okay. We watched him even closer today.

I'll call his neurologist Monday & see if he wants us to come in for a EEG. His last grand mal

seizures were March 25, he had three in less than four hours but thank God this time it was

just the one. Im so glad I have y'all in my life, even though we are all spread out in different

parts of the country & in different countries we are all here for on another & I really appreciate

it. Now if I can just get my husband to understand what a blog is lol. 

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SOFT WATER... what to do if you dont have it =)

I should have mentioned this before since my husband is a Culligan man. If you arent lucky enough to have a whole

house water system, here's what you can do to make your life a whole lot easier. Add a little plain old table salt

to your dishwater, or when you're doing laundry. The salt will soften the water, you'll even notice theres more

bubbles. With most of our cleaners now adays one of the first ingrediants is salt (or whatever other name it

goes by) or potassium which also softens the water. Im sorry I didnt think to share this before, it really does

help =)


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