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Cooking workshop

Hi, I started this blog for my senior project. Which is going to be a cooking workshop for kids with autism and Asperger Syndrome. I want to know if people who have a child with either of these would take the time to answer some questions. 

  1. Do you think it's a good idea, having the kids cook and learn by using their hands?
  2. Does your child need gloves to touch sticky or gooey stuff?
  3. Would it help for them to each have a partner helping them along?
  4. What would be something’s that would be too overwhelming for the kids? Ex. too many stations, too many people, etc.
  5. Do you think these kids would actually want to do this?
  6. What are going to be something’s I'm going to struggle with?
  7. In genral do you have any tips for me?

Thank you for your time and I will continue to blog as I progress in the planning.

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Could you remind me please....

I forget that my son has Autism.  It seems incredible that I could forget.  Our entire lives revolve around therapies, picture schedules, and routines.  I spend endless hours working on learning materials to help him better understand the world.  I even have a website that I use to make those materials available to other parents who have children with Autism.  But, still there are days I totally forget my son has Autism.

It's been a long week here in our house.  My son has been engaging in a lot of repetitive behaviors, hand flapping, lack of eye contact, unwillingness to socialize... yadda yadda...  All the typical "Autism Stuff" that I should recognize.  But, I don't.  My son is so "typical" most days that I forget what the symptoms of his Autism involve.  Even his speech therapist sighed in exasperation a few times before suddenly remembering that "Oh, that's right, these behaviors are consistent with his diagnosis."

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Coming to terms with a diagnosis

Hi all.

My son is just about to get diagnosed with Autism at four.  It has taken so long for lots of reasons which I won't bore you all with.

I am sure thought that the experience is much the same for us all.  Feeling that something is not right, but not wanting to believe, and being reassured by so many that he is fine and pushing the worries back in your mind.  Trying to make him interested in this that other much littler kids naturally love.  Like ball sports (Dex will just let the ball hit him in the face and laugh) and of course the not talking... strangers on the street trying to talk to him and getting no response ask what's wrong with him?  Feeling defiant and agnry that there is nothing wrong with your son.  Then trying to justify why he is freakin out from to many experiences- too many people.  Trying to take in good humour that you do discipline your son, that he isn't molly coddled.  You aren't just over protective when you won't let him out of your sight (knowing that he doesn't respond to his name, and won't come back when you call).

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I have ADHD & have always had a sleeping disorder. My birth mom has narcolepsy & has taken ritalin

over 45 years now just to function without falling asleep. I also have dyslexia. It doesnt effect my

spelling that much BUT I have no sense of direction so I avoid driving and let me tell ya thats a pain

in the butt!! Im just curious how many parents have ADHD, and/ or a sleeping disorder and/ or



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Just released parent DVD and workbook for families affected by autism! Get your Build Your Family workbook and DVD today.

Three years ago our oldest son, Tristan, was diagnosed autism at the age of three. Since I have been working on a Vermont system of care for individuals with ASD and advocating in Vermont and in Washington D.C. for more funding and support for families and individuals with ASD. Through my work I have seen the lack of supports for people with ASD and their families have, so I have created a business, Parenting Autism, to step in and help. Parenting Autism produces DVDs and workbooks to help parents parent on the spectrum. In addition to our exercises and tips in our workbooks and DVDs, Parenting Autism gives all profits back to the autism community.  Visit our website at
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I stumbled accross this site several months ago & didnt realize when I signed up that I would become

addicted to it =) And a funny thing happened a few days after joining up and being so warmly welcomed,

I felt better. I think what keeps me sane is that Im a optomist at heart. Emile & I were married 19 years

before Marcel came along. We had been through infertility treatments on and off for years. He was

truely a miracle. He was meant to be our child & he's going to have a good life no matter what it takes.

I am nutty (and comfortable with it finally lol) & opinionated. Im a good mom & this site has made me a

better mom. You people have helped me. I consider you my friends. Im grateful I found you. Please know

that I would never purposely hurt you, its not my way. I think you're all pretty wonderful. Im glad you

stumbled accross this site too =) 

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Video: "Toxic Chemicals and Metals and How They May Relate to Autism and Numerous Other Health Conditions"

Click this link to a short video about "The Health Effects of Chemicals and Toxins in Your Body and Environments":

Please take a few minutes to watch it.
As a health educator, I am interested to assist people in finding numerous types of solutions to these problems. I have been researching the health effects of chemicals and toxins for over 15 years. My wife, Maile Pouls, Ph.D., is a featured doctor in the book “The Natural Medicine Guide to Autism”.

Viewers who are interested to learn more about how to clean up these toxins can input their name and email address and will receive a reply from me personally.

I am here to help your members.
Dr. Gregory Pouls

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9/11 it's been seven years since the towers went down. Just wanted to remind everybody that today

is a day we should think about all of those who lost their lives. 


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