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Cast Your Ballot for a Package

The day before the election and all my people (the folks that will admit that they are my friends, colleagues, and associates) are not breathing, they are panting with anxiety. Perhaps government officials will have to pump Prozac through the water system to just get people out of bed and to the polls and work.

Why are people in such a frenzy? Well, the economy crashed into a deep underwater recession which means job security is under siege and our retirements disappeared along with many people’s homes. Top this off with the balance statement of the war (both lives loss and the dollar amount) and our country finds it self in a downward spiral.

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Activities for Kids with Autism

I'm just curious what kind of activities you like to do with your children? What is your kid's favorite thing to do? I'd like to get everyone's feedback and maybe start a nice list of activities that can be a resource for parents of autistic children.

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Credit Where Credit is Due

Everyone tells me I have done a great job with my son.  That he is doing so good because of me.  The truth is, he is doing good because of him.  He did all the work.  I just fascilitated it.  I helped him, showed him, and had him do it over and over, but he did the work.  If he wasn't willing to do it, if he didn't want to do it, there is nothing I could have done to make him.  He is very stubborn.  He progresses at his rate.  On his timetable.  I just have to keep up when he decides it is time to move on and learn new things.  Yes, I have pushed him to do things he didn't want to do.  But he only progressed when he decided he wanted to.

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Leisure Skills- A Different Kind of Fun

Ask any typical kid - what do you do for fun?   and they can tell you.  Somethings they'll say are appropriate.  Some things they might not tell you, because they're innappropriate.  Either way, most kids have things that they like to do in their leisure time. 

With autism, it's different.  Or, should I say, the motivation is very different.  Kids with autism don't necessarily want to please others.  They often have something running in their heads that commands all their attention, or they have a need to stim in a very personal, physical way that defies our understanding but makes perfect sense to them.  You got your flapping stims, your movie talk stims, and your "should-be private" stims (nose-picking, hand-licking, body-parts-rubbing or scratching).  I have had parents complain to me that their kids have nothing to do, and will walk around and actually get themselves into trouble by their behaviors.  One kid loved office tools, and hole-punched all the mail that came in every day, including pay checks, so that they couldn't be cashed.

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I love my son

I love my boy so much.  I love my little girl so much too.  I tell them both all the time.  They tell me all the time too.  They also tell me they hate me or I am mean.  That I don't love them anymore.  That they don't love me anymore.  With my daughter, I can shrug it off.  When a child is being punished, it is usual for them to say or think that.  With my son, it hurts, a lot.  With him, though, it is usually him saying that I don't love him anymore or I am mean.  He says the same thing to my husband.   I think there is a problem between my husband and my son.  My husband doesn't vocalize to Dean as often as I do that he loves him.  I keep telling him that he needs to say it more.  Dean seems to need that constant reasurance that we love him, and since he doesn't get it from my hubby, I think that is the reason that the two of them are not as close as Dean and I are.  I am working on it and will continue to work on their relationship.  I feel bad for my husband.  He loves our son so much, and it hurts him that he isn't as close to him as I am.  He hasn't given up.  That's a good thing.  He still works hard at developing a close relationship.  Unfortunately, as much as I would

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Whose Fault is it, Anyway?

When we got the dx of autism, it was a big relief to me.  I had been reading and researching like crazy, and happened to read a book that was written in journal-style about a boy who happened to behave so much like my son...that's how I began to understand that my boy had autism. 

The first thing both our families did was to blame the 'other side':

"Your family has multiple instances of mental illness - that's where the autism came from!"  (translates to" your whole family is nuts!")

"Your family has several people with autism" (my brother's son has autism)

Back and forth, blame and counter-blame.  Didn't do anyone any good.  We still have a kid with autism.  Well, eventually that blame thing died down, and we forgot to do it.  Instead, we were able to look to who our son really is.  That's a good thing!  Because I think, of all the things we want to be accepted for, who we are is the number one on our lists, right???  Of course, right!!!

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Pets for Autistic Children

I'm just curious what kind of pets or animals your children like? Do you have a pet at home? Do you feel that pets are good for children with autism? Why or why not? You're answers are being graded...

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Board Book Photo Albums - Great Therapy Tool

My name is Laura Miranti and I have just started my own business selling a new product that I created.  I am sharing the information with you because I believe that it may help your child's learning and development as much as it helped my daughter.

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halloween fun

This Halloween we had fun the ASD way!  My son who has autism and I went to a party given by a classmate and his family, and all the kids from their class on the spectrum were there.  There was trampoline jumping, swingset swinging, pizza, and lots of cupcakes.  Then we went trick-or-treating.  The great part about attending a party where almost everyone has autism is that no-one is embarrassed or self-conscious about behaviors.  The parents can relax and, while they still correct innappropriate behaviors, they don't have to worry that someone will think they are bad parents, or wonder 'what the h- is wrong with that kid?".  It was a chance for all of us to relax; kids and adults.  Wish the rest of the world could be as accepting as our friends with ASD are.

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Happy Halloween!

Is your child dressing up this Halloween? Do you take your kids trick or treating or do any other Halloween type activities? We love to go to the pumpkin patch, get some pumpkins and carve them. I also love staying home and handing out candy and seeing all the lil tikes in their costumes. So much fun...


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