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A Last day look back

Well here we are. Last day of school is tomorrow. For one kid, we have survived a hard year but things are looking up. For another we are starting a whole new adventure. 

Little A is going to have what I call "ala carte education." Which is basically a little of everything. He will go to a private 1:1 school for math and reading, then he will go to the district homeschool resource center for p.e. (and to keep up on his IEP) and I will help him with science and math.

I also had him retained so that he is doing first grade again. Which is something I wanted to do in kindergarten but they said the program didn't work that way. 

Well, some kids just don't fit the program, and guess what? I got one of those kids.

So, I am going to be doing a lot of driving in my little humble corolla. The private school is pretty neat and we scrounged up enough cash to pay for it and thankfully I have parents that say "Hey, instead of us giving you money when we die, how about we give you some now?" We were fine with that. 

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I need a date!

I think I need to have a date with my husband. We need to spend more quality time together...I think it's leaving me feeling frustrated. I'm starting to snap at him for the little things, things that typically wouldn't get to me.

We had a pretty big fight last night, all because he didn't get around to brushing the boys teeth while I was at work all day. Yes this aggravates me because I think oral hygiene is important and should be a priority, but usually I'll just give an exasperated sigh and just brush the boys teeth myself, then move on. Not a big deal. But last night I just couldn't let it go and a fight resulted. We later made up but I felt guilty, it was Father's Day! Bad me!! I think our busy life has me feeling frazzled lately, and I'm starting to take it out on my sweet husband. You are so good to put up with me. Between his work, school, Eric's demanding therapy schedule, household chores, my work, and the rest, its hard finding time for oneself let alone a date. And so a date gets pushed to the back burner and before you know it, it's been too long. No more excuses! We need a date, so on a date we shall go.

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Hello my name is Valerie and I am a student in a Masters Program for Behavior Analyst. I would very much like to know what the three main concerns as a parent with wth a chid  with austism . I work with several students but would like to hear from parents that I have not been working with. I look forward to your replys.


Thank you



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Help Heal Child Punished 4 Having Autism

<p>See my full campaign at <a href=""></a>&nbsp;I am at my whits end of trying to support my 8 yr old child with Autism after losing everything to identity theft. If you could donate, post a prayer or send this on, all would be eternally appreciated. I CAN&#39;T BELIEVE that SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for 6 MONTHS is a permittable treatment for AUTISM in the USA but IT IS!!!

Excited about 1st communion
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I need your help! Concerns that you have...


I am new to this site. I have a 7 years old daughter with autism. I am also going to school to be a Behavior Analyst.

I need ideas for school. I have to write a paper about concerns parents have.  All I need is a few answers from parents. They could be given over this blog.

Mainly, what I need to know is:

How do you feel about your child's school program?

Do you feel the school personnel is qualified to teach your kid?

Are you invited to trainings or workshops by the school?

Does the school offer a list of resources that are helpful?

Other than school, what worries or concerns do you have about raising your child?


Please, please help me out with some anwers.



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My husband woke me up this morning at 415 to tell me Eric is sick.....diarrhea and vomiting. ..My two favorite! Did I mention Eric isn't fully potty trained? Ya, sitting on the toilet makes him flip out. One of the goals this summer is to complete the potty training process; but until then, I have the pleasure of cleaning up the diarrhea diapers. O well. This too shall pass.

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You are only as strong as your purpose

And if my purpose are these kiddos,  my strength must keep on going and going. I give myself no other choice.. But those days, that I need a reminder of this, my kids are here to back me up. Bless them! 

 I can talk big, and pretend.  Truth is, I hold a lot of guilt. I believe a lot of parents with any child that has a special needs feel this way at some point, whether they are willing to admit it or not.

  Not whether I caused it, I leave that up to the people who are far smarter than I.. But am I doing enough now, have I done enough. Will I do enough. Am I helping or hindering. Will my other two children ever forgive me for not being the mother I should have been for them because I had to be the mother I am for Nicholas.   I am unable to be the wife that I should be  because of the mother that I need to be.  

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Family Perspectives

Hi everyone. My name is Meryl. I am a special education teacher in Gilbert Arizona. I am currently working on my Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis and one of our milestone assisgnment is to idenitfy and describe family persepctives. If you would be willing to share any of your personal experiences from diagnosis to school exeperinces I would be eternally grateful. I always enjoy interacting with the parents and families of my own students but I would love to gain more insight into the experiences of families outside of Gilbert.

Thank you for your consideration!


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So Tom is amazing.  The best father, husband and provider anyone could hope for.  He took Ethan's diagnosis like a champ with the occasional break down and I was the mess who couldn't keep it together.  Lately though he has been angry.  I read before Ethan was even given his diagnoses that parents go through a grieving process and anger was part of that process.  I've tried to explain this to him but he's not listening.  He keeps saying that I'm not upset I'm angry.  He sees grief as being emotionally upset,  (he's not taking it out on Ethan) he's just being really hard on himself.  He is looking for a support group for dads does anyone know of any?  He feels he needs to connect to fathers like him to try and work through whatever he is struggling with right now.  We found a online group but the link was dead.  Any advice you can give me to help him I would appreciate it.  


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