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Hi everyone, may I share great  website  with everyone. It is dedicated  to empowering parents and their children  affect by autism.  It is totally non-profit ad serves a needed and well deserved  cause. Check  it out WWW.NSPIREDBYAUTISM.ORG

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Our family is sick with the flu. It's the day before Thanksgiving and the whole household is miserable. Everyone in the family has taken a fever/pain reducer to help take the edge off, except........for Eric. He will not, absolutely not, take any kind of medicine no matter how much I plead. I can feel the heat emanating from his skin. Poor little guy. He's asleep for now. I tried disguising his medicine in a cup of apple juice but he was not fooled. O well, I hope he naps the day away. Sleep is the best medicine anyway.

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Hello, my name is Gina, I'm a mother to a 7 year old boy with autism,.  I need help, I'm so over whelmed, I'm married to the father but never really wanted to get married, now my life is so much harder with our son.   My husband works so I'm the caregiver, fill time, I can't work, cause I'm so burdened with this child, I feel more stressed if I did have a job.  We've been married ten years.  I don't know where to turn.  My husband says we need to stay together for the sake of him,  I'm trying to fight depression as well, I'm on off meds, I just feel they can't help in this situation.  My family lives nearby, supportive but much older. Im not crazy about Inlaws who live in Florida, they just don't seem to get it.  

My son is attending a special school.  

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Don't call it a comeback......

I've been here for years........


After a couple of years of having this site think I am spam, it seems to want to work for me tonight. I haven't posted here in a very long time because of that, but I have kept blogging on Autistically Correct on Blogspot and we still have our Red Headphones for Autism Facebook page.

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Technology for Asperger kids



I want to buy a tablet this Christmas for my son who has Aspergers but I can't decide which one would be best.  I want him to have apps for games and hopefully find some to help him with his challenges but I am also wondering if having a camera or recording ability might be good to help with taking notes and such.  Whether or not he would be willing to use it for that is questionable.  He is 9.  Any thoughts? 

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Autism Walk 2013

Well we decided to do the autism speaks  walk again this year.  We decided not to do a lot of fundraising this year and just wanted to walk to show support for our son and the community as a whole.  I think as parents we need things like this.  Ethan who has been back tracking some with his behavioral issues did an amazing job.  We put on a weighted back pack (just a small school bag with some stuff in it) and I don't know if it was the back pack or he was just having a great day but he did amazing!!!!  AMAZING!  He walked a lot of the walk either holding someone's hand or walked right in front of us.  When he was tired he walked over to the wagon and got himself inside it.  The weather was beautiful, he had a great day and that's all the really matters.  I am learning that he's going to have his bad days.  But when he has his good days it defiantly eclipse the bad day!

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grain of sand

as told by Eric:

"Oh, Eric's my baby," I said as I took mommy's face in my hands, we were lying in my bed. "Oh, Eric's my baby. Eric's my boo boos. Are you my baby?" Mommy said. I love when we do this. I feel so happy. "Yes, Eric's a tiny baby," I said. "Eric's a big boy," Mommy said as she planted a kiss on my face. Mmmmmm........I don't like this as much. "No, Eric's a tiny baby," I repeated. "Are you tiny like a grain of sand?" "Yes" (this is my favorite) "Or, are you tiny like a speck of dust?" "No, tiny like a grain of sand." "Tiny like this?" Mommy said and she pinched her thumb and index finger together. "Yes, like this," I said mimicking her with my own fingers.


Eric wants to stay small and be a baby. He doesn't like the idea of getting bigger or getting older and often gets agitated when someone says, "you're getting bigger" or "look how you've grown!" And of course, people are going to say this. We all do, it's only natural. So, I try getting Eric used to the idea of getting older by explaining about birthdays and things big boys get to do that little boys or babies don't. Some days he's more receptive of my explanations others.

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Blending Hands-On and Digital Learning: Part 3

Are you still on the fence about letting your child use an iPad or other mobile technologies?  The latest survey by Common Sense Media shows that even since their last survey two years ago, media habits of children have changed significantly. One large difference includes the average daily use of mobile devices. Time spent on a mobile device has tripled from 5 minutes to 15 minutes in the past two years.

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Blending Hands-On and Digital Learning: Part 2

Continuing on with our series on blending digital and hands-on learning, we are going to switch focus today from one-on-one activities to ways to blend hands-on and digital learning in a whole group (classroom) setting. 

Keeping in mind Beth Holland’s questions regarding appropriate use of screen time in early childhood, we will be exploring an appropriatemeaningful, and empowering way to teach kids features of 2-dimensional shapes using the VoiceThread app and various tangible 2-dimensional shape resources.  


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