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Dylanisms - Smart man needed

One of the things that amaze me about my son are the incredible and profound things he says. It amazes me that someone with this label can produce the things he says.
Lately he asked me where ear wax came from. In an effort to get him the habit of research and not wait for the answers to be fed to him, I told him I do not know and we will have to look it up. He was at the counter at this time I was in the kitchen. He thought very hard about my response and finally said to me. Mom, we need a smart man, I asked why, his response because you always say, you do not know and we have to research it. That is why we need a smart man.

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Dylanisms - Gone Fishing

Eric and Dylan went fishing today, nothing new they have been doing this since last year. Today they actually caught not one but 2 fish. Of course there are no pictures (that's Dad for ya). However, Dylan did his thing by holding the fish and politely greeted the fish. Hi Mr fish how are you today, nice to meet you , back to the sea you go, and promptly threw him back into lake Erie.

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Blessed day

So many times I blog out of frustration but today is the start of something new!  Today I am sharing what a blessed day we had!  Cj spoke several sentences today, granted it wasn't completely clear, but I felt like we carried on a conversation for the first time! :) We were able to get outside and enjoy beautiful weather and enjoy each other's company.  He was able to swim and I was able to sit on the sidelines and watch him! :)  It was just a glorious day and I had to share. 

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Doing it Alone

I came upon this when I was doing research and thought maybe I could benefit from speaking to others and listening. My son was diagnosed with autism when he was almost 4. I was shocked. It never occured to me that he could have autism because I did not know what it was. I felt entirely alone. Still do sometimes. My son is often unruly and is the main focus of most of our decisions. Family outings have to be planned around his comfort level which greatly affects our daughter who misses out on many fun activites because it is just too hard to take them both to things she likes. It has made her angry on many occasions and we try to have special days with just her but leaving my son with anyone but my mother makes me panic. He is sweet and kind and also cannot tell me when others are being mean to him because in his world cruelty is not understood. I actually caught a former babysitter locking him in his room. From this incident my sons father and I had to split our shifts and work opposite each other so he would never need daycare again but it has affected us. We have no time but weekends for each other.

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Thanks For Inspiring A Child

I want to thank everyone that read my daughters poem. She really was thrilled to see that people on the web liked what she had to say. Now she wants to write more blogs. She was also told that she could possibly have her poem published. I would once again like to thank all that  commented and would appreciate more people commenting for her.

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Taking the Family Camping




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New to this Site...

I have two children with autism, 3 years old and 18 mos. old. Have already gone through the process of an IEP and am waiting to go through my other son's IFSP. I was aware that my older son had a problem with speech and certain odd behaviors (such as being mesmerized by water and lights) when he was 15 mos. old but was told by their pediatrician that it was normal and a delay that he would outgrow. Looking back on it now, I should have been persistant at getting a diagnosis, but I believed this doctor and his medical knowledge. When my son turned three, I had him evaluated by the school district because he still could not talk and he was diagnosed with autism. His younger brother was later diagnosed with autism by our local regional center. This is so new to me and I am not sure what it is that I am supposed to be doing. My children have seen three different doctors for speech and motor skills evaluations. Am I doing everything that I should be? I don't feel like I am even though I have them enrolled in Head Start and therapy. Is it normal to feel this way?

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Ihsan's First Day At School



Izzy finally started school. He was so excited and so was I. We both went to meet his teacher Mrs. Wall, who happens to be a very sweet woman.  I took him to class for the first time because the teacher thought it would be a good idea. You know just incase he got nervous. I think I was more nervous than he was. It took him all of 2 seconds to get used to the situation and then he looked at me and said bye bye mommy. I was so scared when I left him there but his teacher said he had a great day. I now see the pro's and con's of sending a child to school. One of the great pro's is that a child gets to interact with other children their age. Two of the great con's are that a child starts to pick up other childrens bad habits and also they start bringing home all those great colds us parents love so much. So, we will see how it goes and will take one step at a time.

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Last day with the Speech Therapist



Today will be Izzy's last day with his home speech therapist. I wonder how it is gonna go. He's starting to speak now little words but it feels great. I'm so happy. Were going through the transition phase of school placement and it's going well. So far he likes the people at school, so I hope it goes well. The school took my advice and were doing the transition to school as i wrote about on one of my previous blogs. I think he's as excited as me, with going to school. Any advice on him starting school? Any things that i should remember?


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