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Handy Manny

Michael was playing with some old toy tools he has. He never really actively played with them before, but took a real interest to them today. I asked him something and he replied "No I Manny" He imitated animals, and can sorta play house, but he has never pretended to be somebody before. It is amazing how his imagination went from zero and just grows.

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Well Halloween is coming up. I decided things are just not the same, and by time Michael has kids (at least I hope that day comes) trick-or-treating will pretty much be a dud. When I was a kid there were always people handing out candy. Now it seems everybody is out but nobody stays home. And there are no haunted houses approved for kids really anymore... There is a church that is having a little party this year. I got the card sent home in Michael's school bag, and I am thinking about taking him there. He likes to run and has a hard time staying close when he is over-excited. Ma claims she can be off work by 630 and come with us, but I know something will come up and she will end up staying late.

I do love holidays because it seems like Michael does not just take them for granted like a lot of little brats out there. He really loves going out and doing things that are a big deal. He has become a little more insistant on things he wants, but he is really not a greedy kid. Like all little kids he just does not understand money issues.


What are all your plans with Halloween?

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Updates on Michael

After a little over two weeks without a computer, I am back online and happy. So lets update on my little turd of a son.

Michael had his tonsils out on the 10th. No David did not come down. I am unsure what is going through his mind. I made sure he understood this was the last chance he was getting from me, yet when he told me he is not coming he added how he is saving so hopefully in a few weeks he can make it down. Which I so so badly wanted to scream-That is PAST your last chance. But I just held my tongue. It is not worth fighting over right now.

Michael did great in surgery. He was up and moving around right away. It was not until we got home and the drugs started wearing off that he crashed. But for the most part he has been doing this recovery Tylenol Free. This weekend was spent battling a fever and dehydration. Now the only problem is he is so badly constipated.  He is not drinking as much as normal, and is not really eating, but until the poop comes out, there is not much I imagine we can do.

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Still Pushing Focalin, Ignorant People, and Keeping Michael Innocent

Long title, I admit. I will try not to ramble too terribly much in this entry.

They are still trying to push the Focalin XR for Michael. I explained he will not take it, and even if he does not know the pill is in a food he will spit it out. Now they want the teachers to try giving it to him at school rather than me fighting him. I asked if there was something else I could give him instead of the Focalin, and they said NO. That made me a little upset because Focalin is still rather new and attention issues have been present and treated for over a decade.

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Be Good Board Progress

As I discussed in a previous blog I had thought about setting up a rewards board. I saw the idea of a white board and magnets from an episode of Nanny 911. However, due to a lack of available resources (in this case interesting magnets) I went with a different approach. I have a large blue poster board taped up on the front door to my apartment. Then above it (out of my son's reach) I have placed two sets of fish scrapbooking stickers. Around here it is hard to find decent sticker suplies other than for scrapbooking. One set is of small colorful little fish, and the other of larger more glittery or shimmery fish. When Michael is exceptionally well behaved he gets to put a small sticker on his board. I extended this to the bathroom and his bedroom as well. On those doors I have a white tagboard put up, and a sheet of Cars Movie themed stickers we found on clearance.

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Nanny 911 Idea

Normally I do not watch Nanny 911, but I needed noise on and it came on after CMT videos. So while I was sitting here trying to come up with my next digital art photo manipulation project, I was watxching snippets here and there.

One idea I really like. You take a small white board and as rewards they get to put magnets on it. The theme was fish, so the boards had bubbles or water designs on them. And the magnets were little fish. Michael loves animals. And small white boards are on clearance right now at Wal-Mart from school supplies.

My son already gets too much sugar and treats so I have been trying to come up with a new reward for poop training. He is great at putting money in his pig, but I need something for only behavior or poops. Maybe for poops I can get a tag board he can put stickers on. And then for behavior use the white board, that way for bad behavior magnets can be removed and rewarded easily.

For the poops maybe once he fills a line we can pick a prize out or something.

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Busy Busy Week

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were spent all day at the fair. Our county fair is larger than some state fairs, and the 2nd largest in the world in county classification. I also went out Saturday night as a late Birthday thing. It felt so weird being Holly again rather than Michael's Mommy Drone. But not coming home until 2am is too much.

Today Michael went back to the fair with his preschool. I am not sure what all they did to be honest, I am guessing probably just looking at animals and such. He must have done well because no email or note from his teacher. In fact she is not not saying much about him this year. Just that he is doing group work instead of individual. Which is a huge progression.

I am taking him again on Friday alone, then Saturday and Sunday with Grandma. Friday night I have to run my car (yes it feels so so good saying that MY car) to the mechanic so he can fix the brakes.

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Sweating Small Stuff

I have noticed that things with Michael's education or therapies do not really bother me anymore. I find myself no longer crying myself to sleep with concern for things like that. It is like I have hardened up after so long of doubt and disappointments. I do not cry myself to sleep over issues with his father. I just find I do not have the energy to really care about alot of things anymore.

But the odd thing is, now that I just do not bother letting all those issues bug me anymore, little things come up and can knock me on my bum. Things that make no sense why they would bother me.

Maybe I need a hobby beyond Myspace or my art gallery or something... Something beyond Michael as well. To make me feel more human. Sometimes I feel like a mommy drone just here to cycle around Michael and forget there is a person behind the mother.

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Some things amaze me...

Michael never ceases to surprise us with things he can do or knows. Since he cannot really communicate it stands to reason our shock is even bigger when he shows us something suddenly.

My best friend is pregnant. Very pregnant. She is also Michael's god mother. We just call her Aunt Heather, and she deserves that title. Somehow Michael knows where the baby is going to come out. He does not ask how it got in her tummy, just accepts it is in her belly. But he knows where it is going to come out! And he likes to show us much to all our our embarrassments. He was a C-section so it is definately not memories of his own birth LOL

I have learned in the last several months it is time to stop underestimating my son.

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Focalin Woes

They started Michael on Focalin and I cannot get him to take it. He cannot swallow so it has to be opened up and mixed in food. Only it does not matter what I hid it in, candy, toast, jello, apple sauce, Michael will not take it. I can mix it while he is still asleep and he knows it. I cannot premix it more than a bit before he will take it, so no idea what to do. He takes his Risperdal so well, but not the Focalin.

Does anybody else have to give their kid a ADHD medication to help with attention? I am thinking of asking for an alternative because he will not take it in any way.


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