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Simple Pleasures

It was a very windy night last night.  Just before sunset, my son and I walked to a large open field within a stone's throw from our home and leaned into the wind.  He stripped the heads from some of the weeds and sent them flying into the gusts and then asked about the children "out there" who don't have a safe and warm home to go to tonight.  He has such a gentle soul.  I hope he remembers nights like these.  I hope I do too. 

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Getting out of the Boat

Years ago I read a book by John Ortberg titled, "If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat".  It was inspiring, insightful and the time.  I no longer aspire to walk on water, and would now settle for being able to tread water long enough to be thrown a lifeline.

Before my son was born, the plan for his rearing was developed.  We discussed issues relating to education, discipline, balance, spirituality, diet and so on.  Although completely aware that there is no such thing as the perfect parent, I was determined to get it mostly right.  My wife and I were in synch and our united front would be wrapped in love and fun.

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Learning to Live on the Spectrum

I will begin with a confession.  I have never blogged, I don't tend to read many other blogs, I don't tweet, never have.  I have a relatively new and capable cell phone, yet I have had texting disabled.  These cultural offenses may cause you to forego reading any further as you could not possibly relate to someone so network-challenged.  That's okay.  I don't offend easily, and I'm not sure why I'm posting here now, except that I've run out of options.  If no one ever reads this, perhaps in the writing of it, I will experience some sense of release.  I'm certainly beyond seeking a catharsis, and any benefit I may glean from this activity will most assuredly not lie in the number of times my ramblings are viewed.

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