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Autism = Why oh why did this happen to me.

It's 2012. Do you remember forecasts of the future 20 or 30 years ago.

How technology was going to save and cure us of all disease?
In fact most things have gotten worse including the medical field - more diseases more sickness etc.
Do you still believe that technology will solve all our problems. If you do then I want to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.
Thirty years ago I went back to basics, I started with pure water and natural mineral supplements.
I have never been in a hospital and have never seen a doctor except a few times because my daughters insisted.
On these doctor visits their advice was wrong. Opposed to holistic recommendations and common sense.

If you want a better chance at avoiding disease you have to change your way of thinking and living.
If you are reading this because you are already sick you are going to have a much harder time.
Look for doctors who are also holistic practitioners, those who will spend much time with you not those who see
50 clients a day.

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Autism - there is no fate - only what you make.

I have been studying the best methods of detoxifying the body to help cancer and autism people. I will not be ready to write on this for some time, but I have come across something even more toxic then toxins. This in fact is the total amount of misinformation being presented to you by main stream medical and foolish people who have no knowledge of the real world. They give you fate - to accept your condition and be used by the medical and autism community as a victim. Do you really want this? 

I have sat in meetings listening to well educated people with degrees up the ass telling other people with degrees up the ass nothing but guess work and bad information and watching  them shake their heads in agreement. It was  like being in a presentation with the three stooges where 100 's of doctors and research people all were named moe or larry or curly.

 Again do you want these people making life and death decisions for you and your children?

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Autism and the large medical establishments.

I want to start off by asking you to remember the movie - Erin Brockovich - in which she took on Pacific Gas & Electric over toxins in the ground water. Toxins were killing and destroying children and families. The company did everything in its power to cover up and deny responsibility.  They lied - they distorted - they corrupted.

Also look up Bhopal and mercury disaster (Minamata) in India and Japan.


This same scenario takes place today in most of the older large organizations

especially financial and drug companies. When a company is new and growing

the people involved are trying for the most part to create and build an organization.

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Autism - toxins - cancer

As the battle over vaccinations and autism continues you might be interested that this same battle is occurring in cancer with chemicals and guess what one of the main culprits is - yes mercury. You don't want to rely on one or two persons information on mercury, you need to study this area for yourself. 

In the cancer field chemicals are the big culprit along with pathogens and nutrition, of course they the medical community want to blame genetics - and easy out for them. The problem is that this battle is not going to be resolved any time soon so what are you to do. Take toxins seriously, stop putting them into your body and make every effort to remove them from your body.

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Toxins in autistic children

I had on my last posted article a serious condemnation of government and medical health people.  I do want you to know that there are also many dedicated and unbelievable fine people who are working on autism. The following information supports the fact that toxins are in fact a big part of autism's problems.  I will be discussing toxins in the body on the next few posts. This information will be used to inform you more and more on the problem of toxins.

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Why the controversy about vaccinations and autism

One has to wonder why the viscous disagreements over vaccinations causing autism. The real reasons have little to do with vaccinations and more to do with human nature. First do I believe vaccinations cause autism - the answer is yes. If putting poisons into your body makes sense to you then I have to ask you about lead, asbestos, radiation, mercury, fluoride, DDT and the thousands of other items fed to you on a daily basis by companies.  I also believe that not only vaccinations , but many other chemicals add to the problem of autism.

These chemicals are the cause along with pathogens, poor nutrition etc. They in fact cause genetic damage which further escalates the many problems of not only autism but many other diseases as well.

If people tell you that genetics are the main problem then they can put the blame more or less on you. They then are not responsible.

If the problem is vaccinations, chemicals, lead, mercury etc. then the problem is them.  If then they are the problem, then they would have to admit their failures and incompetence and this I have learned over the last 50 years they will never do.

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Vaccinations - Something to think about.

Many of you are concerned about how many children have autism and the degree of it. There is a much bigger problem with vaccinations. If you have read the parents stories in followingvaccinations.com you would never tell these people that the problem is genetic - you yourself would not believe it. The bigger problem is even those children who have received the vaccinations and have had no problems does not mean that in the future they won't, in fact they most certainly will - Putting these chemicals into the body in excessive quantities will set you up for even more debilitating diseases as these children grow and develop.  The medical community is at fault and if your doctor tells you that putting all these poisons into your and your child's body is acceptable - get yourself another doctor. I won't say that all vaccinations are bad (ref polio) but the medical community is now doing what is good and easy for them and not for you.

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Autism is not a generic problem.

I have been involved in nutrition for the past 12 years and have come to the following conclusions. If we all drank pure water and breathed clean air and ate fully nutrishish foods and avoided all contact with chemicals we would all be very healthy. It is also my opinion that the medical community makes a mistake in not looking for the root cause of autism, to the extent that some do this I salute them. I through extensive studies also have the following opinion that autism is not a generic disease or a problem with the brain, but is caused by chemicals - to many - to much - to misunderstood. Now chemicals can lead to genetic and brain problems, but it still points to chemicals as the prime cause just as cancer is caused by mostly chemicals. We all want to believe that drug companies and the medical community have our best interests at heart, but even when some do they are incapable of even understanding even 10% of what they are doing.

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What is thick blood - answer

There are many references to autistic children having difficulty in the process of drawing blood. I have found a high relationship between autistic children and blood problems.

These blood problems have been referred to as the child having thick blood.  I most recently (two weeks ago) was talking to a nurse about autism and he mentioned that he had a hard time

drawing blood from autistic children. He stated that he had to use a larger diameter needle when extracting their blood. I had seen other references to this blood problem of thick blood.

In one reference blood taken from many autistic children were viewed under a microscope and the red blood cells were distorted and clumped together. This means that the distorted red cells cannot carry oxygen into the tiny capillaries of the body and remove the CO2 properly. In other words the red blood cell when distorted cannot fit into the diameter of the smallest capillary nor can blood that is clumped together.

The problem with looking for he exact cause of autism will probably not be found for a while. I give out this information to inform and welcome comments.

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