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Anxiety, Schizophrenia, how to cope with educators?

How much information is too much information for them to have at school?  I can't get a grip on some of my concerns.  Perhaps others have had similar experiences?  My 7 year old began school in first grade in September.  The teacher is amazed he is not reading at level yet. He shows flashes of "getting it" then forgets, he even forgets the strategies to use for unfamiliar words.  The teacher is worried about the anxiety he shows while reading in group, it is presented by shaking hands and slow reading.  The challenge is for the other children not to blurt out and that he has the chance to try, he'd rather someone else read it for him and has even thought that when he becomes a builder, he will hire someone to read for him. Clever.

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New to this...

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and could use some help.  My daughter, Isabel, was diagnosed today.  I felt like the information I received from the doctor has been lacking - like they are trying not to be at all positive.  Isabel is 3, soon to be 4.  Her CARS score was 32 and I am trying to find some information on that as well.  The only thing the doctor would say was mild to moderate - over and over.  The issue with Isabel is lack of language/speech.  She's super sweet, even dried my tears today.  We will start intensive ABA soon, hopefully.  I am doing some blood/urine work-ups as well.  She's in pre-school three days a week and it's a normal preschool and they love her so much.  The doctor said that I'll have to find a more appropriate school for her next year and there is little hope for her to fully develop language and will always have issues.  She tries to speak but will not repeat and will not cooperate with flashcards, pictures, etc.  Surprisingly, she's completely potty trained and listens really well.  I would love to get some advice from you all on what else I should be doing or not doing.  Once I can get past the crying jag I'm on - I know I'll go to war over thi

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Christmas Gifts for Autistic Children

I'm just curious what kind of Christmas gifts you think are appropriate? What has been your kid's favorite Christmas gift? I'd like to get everyone's feedback and maybe start a nice list of gifts that can be a resource for parents of autistic children.

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Does anyone else have a hard time giving their child a bath?

I feel terrible for even asking this, but does anyone else have a hard time giving their child a bath. My son throws an extreme fit and runs the other way/throws himself on the ground. It is constantly a fight to give him a bath. I usually have to pin him in the tub and wash him quickly as possible while he screams. I feel like i am giving a cat a bath sometimes with all the splashing and pinning down. I am stressed about this and not sure what to do. Does anyone else has the same issue? Or have any ideas that would help. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you in adavance!!

 He also does this with just changing his clothes

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Shouldn't Have Gotten out of Bed Today

Of course, I have an icky cold.  Bad things always happen when I have a cold.  Usually, the bad thing is a dent in the car or a cooking accident where I lose another pot or pan.

 Today, I took my son over to a friend's house.  I had offered to babysit.  Her son has an IKEA bed.  About 5 minutes after my friend walked out the door, my son jumped on the IKEA bed and broke it.  The screws came out of the [cheap, flimsy] particle board and one rail of the frame is bent and a bunch of the wooden slats got derailed.  The thing is, my friend LOVES that bed, so I felt, of course, really awful about it.  

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Books for Children with Autism

I'm just curious what kind of books you like to read to your children? What is your kid's favorite book? When I was a kid I could not get enough of Where the Wild Things are, and I still love this book.'s picture

Encourage Communication at Home or School

Ideas for the classroom or Home
  Remember communication is not just speaking, it is any way a person relays a message.  Try to encourage communication with your students each day all day. 

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I suppose I should share this...

I debated on if I wanted to share this or not. I thought perhaps it would be best until I new 100% certainty, but I decided I owe it to all those who have encouraged me, supported me, lent their insight and even countered me a little.

Sweet Cindy made a comment that really hit me hard. I have had a hard few days, especially with the knowledge that I have hidden deep down and keep trying to wrestle it away from my heart. The comment was made about the horse farm I always wanted to have. I am coming to cope with the fact that those dreams will be even further off, if not only that... a dream.

I have been ignoring my body for some time now, all the signs were there, but I kept rationalizing them. I had my gall bladder out not long after Michael was born, so I assumed my problems were just related to that. But unfortunately my body has taken a more drastic approach to alerting me to finally having to understand that something is wrong. Once I have the guts to go in, I will be tested extensively for colon cancer. 

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Question about vaccinations...


 I am new here and wondering if anyone can answer a question I have.

first a little history:

 My middle son, Lucas, was just diagnosed as very, very mildly on the spectrum at not quite 2 years old (young for a diagnosis I know!). He is getting LOTS of early intervention services and is doing great. We also have him on the diet and giving him tons of supplements and the results have been amazing. As a matter of fact, our neuro says he will most likely loose the diagnosis (if it ever really was the right dx in the first place) by next year. Like my 1st son, Lucas recieved all of his vaccines on time until I realized at about a year that he just wasn't hitting his milestones. At that time I suspended all of his vaccines until I felt that his system could better handle them. We did this under the supervision of our holistic neurologist and holistic nutritionist. My 3rd son, Dylan is 11 weeks old and has not recieved any vaccincations due to all that we are going through with Lucas. We wanted to wait until he was bigger and then spread them out over time.

Now, for the question..

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Autism Biennial Congress 2009 - Autism Through the Lifespan

The Autism Vancouver Biennial Congress presents a very unique approach to autism that is critical today as the population of children and teens with autism age. Addressing the lifespan of autism spectrum disorders will be a key component to this conference. Funding and support usually stop at the age of eighteen to twenty-two, but autism remains. This is a major challenge for parents and caregivers.

The Autism Vancouver Biennial Congress has assembled leading experts on autism spectrum disorders, with presenters from Canada and the United States. Speakers will focus on ways to improve the quality of life for the affected individuals and their families/caregivers by conducting presentations in the areas of educational and biomedical interventions, research, adjunct therapies, diet and nutrition, and family issues. 


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