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Little Rock Versus Brick

During the previous visit to see Dr. Bryna Siegel, 30-year autism expert extraordinaire, I broke down in tears.

That was 1.5 years ago, when the kids were almost 3. She told me in no uncertain terms that my son's moderate level autism meant that he, like 90% of kids at his level, would never be independent. I asked if he would ever marry. She firmly said, "No".

From that experience, we came to a couple of conclusions. 1) We will prepare for the worst case scenario while pushing our kids to reach the best potential possible whatever that may be, living day-by-day, and not hoping for a specific end result. 2) The goal would be happiness for the kids on THEIR terms, not ours. Dr. Siegel indicated that even high-functioning people with autism often aren't interested in romantic relationships. Fine.

Dr. Siegel is very smart, but she doesn't pull punches, and the experience, while valuable, was like being hit with a brick.'s picture

Characteristics of Autism

AS we are going through our day, and difficult situations arise, it is sometimes hard to remember that some challenges or behaviors we see are infact, characterisitcs of autism. There are very really and valid reasons that the child may be doing some of the things he/she is doing. Or if you are new to the world of autism, this may provide some insight on the child with autism in your life. These are the characteristics of ASD as listed by the Autism Society of America.

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I believe this is a mormon family my friend told me about. They have six children on

the spectrum. The show is on tonight on Discovery.

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Diagnosis is in- Autistic disorder

So I am in the right place.

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In Need Of Advice

Hi everyone! I am the proud mom of a five year old autistic little girl. She falls in the medium high range on the spectrum. She was diagnosed at 3 years old and it was devastating, at first. Now, we have grown to cherish all her little ways, tho! Suddenly, however, we are dealing with the problem of hitting people and throwing things at kindergarten. She was moved to a new school b/c her old school, we were told, was not advanced enough for her development. She was racing through all their goals for her. She has been having a very hard time transitioning over, though. She is hitting her teachers and classmates and throwing her books, etc. She didn't do this at her old school. I'm at a loss on how to correct this behavior. Her teacher is so nice and understanding, but this is a real problem for me b/c it is a new thing. Any advice? Thanks!


P.S. I was also wondering if anyone has tried Epsom salt therapy in removing toxins from their child's system?

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Learning Environments

Hello everyone,

I hope this is the appropriate space to post this. I am an indistrial design student in my final year. For my thesis I am looking at designing a product that will assist in autism ABA therapy (sit-down therapy). I am looking to get feedback from parents and caregivers about the kinds of workarounds they have while doing therapy at home and the kinds of frustrations you run into. For example, trouble keeping the child focused, the most effective types of rewards you use to keep the child interested (lights, trains, toys, etc). Also, if there are any products on the market that you really enjoy (games, special furniture, etc).'s picture

Teachers Get the Support you Need at Your School

If you are teaching in a school where you are the only autistic support classroom, chances are you are feeling pretty lonely out there.  I would suggest establishing a good rapport with the custodians and the secretary at the school.  They  have been some of my biggest allies when trying to get things that were needed to support the students in my class. Maybe have your students make something for them to say thanks, etc. 

Another idea might be  to go to a teacher who is willing to estabilish a partnership in which the classes have a social (structured party) or a share a reading activity.  For example, some of her/his students come over the list 20 minutes of school to do a paired reading activity with your students or your some of your students go to her.   

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Well we've decided Focalin isnt the drug for Marcel. He's been stimming alot and worst of all he just zones out for the first couple of hours he's on it... so no more Focalin.



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He actually died Friday...... one of my favorite movies is Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.

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He was 83 years old. I just read it on Yahoo news. He died less than an hour ago.


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