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Encourage Communication at Home or School

Ideas for the classroom or Home
  Remember communication is not just speaking, it is any way a person relays a message.  Try to encourage communication with your students each day all day. 

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I suppose I should share this...

I debated on if I wanted to share this or not. I thought perhaps it would be best until I new 100% certainty, but I decided I owe it to all those who have encouraged me, supported me, lent their insight and even countered me a little.

Sweet Cindy made a comment that really hit me hard. I have had a hard few days, especially with the knowledge that I have hidden deep down and keep trying to wrestle it away from my heart. The comment was made about the horse farm I always wanted to have. I am coming to cope with the fact that those dreams will be even further off, if not only that... a dream.

I have been ignoring my body for some time now, all the signs were there, but I kept rationalizing them. I had my gall bladder out not long after Michael was born, so I assumed my problems were just related to that. But unfortunately my body has taken a more drastic approach to alerting me to finally having to understand that something is wrong. Once I have the guts to go in, I will be tested extensively for colon cancer. 

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Question about vaccinations...


 I am new here and wondering if anyone can answer a question I have.

first a little history:

 My middle son, Lucas, was just diagnosed as very, very mildly on the spectrum at not quite 2 years old (young for a diagnosis I know!). He is getting LOTS of early intervention services and is doing great. We also have him on the diet and giving him tons of supplements and the results have been amazing. As a matter of fact, our neuro says he will most likely loose the diagnosis (if it ever really was the right dx in the first place) by next year. Like my 1st son, Lucas recieved all of his vaccines on time until I realized at about a year that he just wasn't hitting his milestones. At that time I suspended all of his vaccines until I felt that his system could better handle them. We did this under the supervision of our holistic neurologist and holistic nutritionist. My 3rd son, Dylan is 11 weeks old and has not recieved any vaccincations due to all that we are going through with Lucas. We wanted to wait until he was bigger and then spread them out over time.

Now, for the question..

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Autism Biennial Congress 2009 - Autism Through the Lifespan

The Autism Vancouver Biennial Congress presents a very unique approach to autism that is critical today as the population of children and teens with autism age. Addressing the lifespan of autism spectrum disorders will be a key component to this conference. Funding and support usually stop at the age of eighteen to twenty-two, but autism remains. This is a major challenge for parents and caregivers.

The Autism Vancouver Biennial Congress has assembled leading experts on autism spectrum disorders, with presenters from Canada and the United States. Speakers will focus on ways to improve the quality of life for the affected individuals and their families/caregivers by conducting presentations in the areas of educational and biomedical interventions, research, adjunct therapies, diet and nutrition, and family issues. 

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Television or Movies for Autistic Children

I'm just curious what kind of television or movies your children like to watch? What is your kid's favorite thing to watch? Is there anything that you try to get your kids to watch or not watch?

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Sometimes a Good Idea Turns Bad

We  thought we had a great idea!  It looked like it was helping.  We all had the best intentions, believe me. Here's what happened:

  JohnPaul, who is 13 and has autism, does have impulsive reactions when he is angry.  I don't think he can even identify in his own mind that "Son of a gun, I'm angry!", but he definitely does get angry at times, and his reaction is usually one that a much younger kid would have - hitting or calling the person he is mad at insulting names, or throwing something (usually something small).  Since he likes to draw, one of his sisters had an idea to have him draw a picture that would express his angry feelings.  He came up with a good one.  He drew a picture of her (he was mad at her), with a speech bubble coming out of her mouth saying "I'm Therese, and I'm a weenie".

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New Skill

My little boy has learned how to knock on the door all by himself.  When I sae him do it for the first time, his face was all lit up.  I think he knew what a great thing that was.  I was so proud. I I could tell he was proud of himself too.

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I started giving my girls Melatonin in September, and it has been really nice. I crush up about .25 milligrams each night around 7:30 and mix it in some Sprite (the carbonation helps it dissolve better) and they are both asleep by 8:30. They sleep until like 7:15 - 7:30.

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Anybody out there?

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Just wondering?

I was just wondering who out there works? Right now I am cuurently at home, but need some extra money for bills? What kind of situation do you guys have? Does anyone work from home or trade off when hubby/wife gets home? If you have any ideas for please let me know. Thanks, Joy


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