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My name is Pierrette d’Entremont. I have a daughter with Tourette Syndrome, sensory issues and OCD. My background is in jewelry design and kinesiology. My daughter has been mouthing things her whole life and this seemed to escalate. With a newborn in tow, a parent-worn chewy for distracted infant-toddlers seemed a good idea too!

At work and with my growing child, I realized that other parents were also looking for alternatives to “loud” fidgets or types of chewable jewelry that can be too childish, lengthy, pvc, metal, enameled or have unknown dyes in cording.

 - aside: As a child care article manufacturer, you can contact me for information about ASTM toy safety standards and the new CPSIA regulations that deal with 3rd party testing. We deal with plastics and textiles every day and it's not always straight forward. If I can't answer, I can point you in the right direction. 

The most common comment was that growing children with special needs (ASD, ADD/ADHD, SID, Tourette’s etc) are often finding traditional fidget and chewable products too childish. As parents, we want to help our children cope with daily challenges, these include belonging to a peer group. A flashy "loud" toy can end up hiding in locker or making a youth feel alone. Commercial fidget toys also seem to lend themselves to getting lost or to dropping to the ground for germ pick-up!

So, with some research we have made a safe, washable and colorful chewelry necklace. With it, children (especially 3yrs+ and school-aged) can fidget to focus or chew discreetly and fashionably! 

Shapes are smooth and pleasing with a hard embossed "dot" surrounded by a rubbery heart or circle. The pendants are chewable. The heart shape also has an added oval dip similar in shape and function as a worry stone. A custom breakaway clasp will release and can be re-attached with ease. 18” or 20" necklaces (lanyards) are made with durable and washable rayon/cotton that is dyed with safe dyes.

They are safe, bpa, phthalate, pvc, lead and latex free accessories. Sourced in North America, our materials are as economical (family friendly) as possible without compromising safety or social responsibility. They make a Special Companion for a Special Child :)

Please contact me with any questions, concerns or feedback.

Thank you for your attention,

Pierrette d’Entremont

Pida Infant & Maternity Product

Nova Scotia, Canada, 888-818-5004


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