3 reasons to choose iLearnNEarn series of apps for autism

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So what's hot and fresh out of the oven in the special needs apps world? These days many classroom teachers and caregivers are talking about the iLearnNEarn series of apps developed by WebTeam Corporation. The apps are geared at enhancing a number of social and cognitive skills of children on the autism spectrum. Some of the major areas of learning covered in the program are sequencing and identification of numbers and alphabets; reading facial expressions; and understanding the concept of time.
Let's admit the fact: today's children love spending time playing games on smartphone devices. Top app makers are cashing in on the growing popularity of mobile apps, and are in a hurry to push out new and exciting smartphone apps that are difficult to resist. Now the question is, with so many popular apps flooding Android and iTunes marketplaces, how do you know which app is best suited for your special child? Speaking of autism apps and here are a few key points you should not ignore.
1. Colorful interface - Everyone likes colors. But autistic individuals being primarily visual learners love them more. So look for apps that are vibrant in colors (without, of course, the noisy and nauseating shades). The choice you will make will do the trick for your child.
2. High level of interaction - Interactivity is an integral part of special needs education programs. Traditional methods of interaction in the classroom usually involve a lot of props, verbal instructions and hand gestures. Now the introduction of mobile apps can be a real game changer in that it instantly connects the child to his or her world... Just a few taps on the iPhone or Tablet can ensure the child grasps all the lesson plans and receives instant reinforcements (rewards) for good performance.
3. Dynamic app - Let's look at this feature the other way. Would you give your child an app that is stale? If your answer is in negative, you probably know what else to look for. Grab some autism apps that progress as the child progresses through the targeted skills. iLearnNEarn features a dynamic and robust library to let parents and teachers choose the right activity for their child or student. WebTeam releases new patches from time to time to upgrade and enhance the library, so children can move on to the next level of learning.
To read more about thelatest buzz surrounding iLearnNEarn, click this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxaUklJ7u9w
iLearnNEarn autism app series