Brandon's Window 11/24/12 Autistic, Brandon Says " I Can't Wait to See Those Presents" Discussion

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4 years and 7 months after reversing, curing, and healing his symptoms of autism naturally, Brandon says " I Can't Wait to See My Presents". Each year Brandon picks the place he wants to have his Birthday and gives us his wish list of what he wants his presents to be. This year for his 10th Birthday Brandon chose Legoland as the Place and for his presents he asked for a new computer, a DVD Player, an Innotab2 and a Stuffie. He has alread received his Stuffie and Innotab2 earlier that week in the mail so now he anticipates and can't wait for the computer (Kindle Fire) and DVD Player. Brandon knows if he works hard in school and at home his wish list for birthday and Christmas will be fulfilled. We are in the car explaining to Brandon as to how many computer and DVD player he will be receiving. Then off to LEGOLAND! 4 1/2 years ago it was stressful to take Brandon anywhere, he could not sit still for no more than a few seconds, Brandon was non-verbal and cried uncontrollably all the time. For the first 5 years he was not aware of his birthdays/presents etc. Now Brandon is calm in the car and calm in public places that we don't even need to hold his hand anymore. For more information go to and get direct links to over 370 videos documenting my grandson Brandon's AMAZING JOURNEY of REVERSING, CURING, and HEALING his SYMPTOMS of AUTISM USING NATURAL TREATMENTS. (Other families can do this too! Our plight is to help others!!)

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