Brandon's Window 11/24/12 (Pt1 of 2) Autistic, Brandon Waits, Nanna Makes His Fruit Smoothies (Brandon's Window Recipe)

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Brandon's Window 11/24/12 (Pt1 of 2) Autistic, Brandon Waits, Nanna Makes His Fruit Smoothies (Brandon's Window Recipe)
Brandon's Window 11/24/12 (Pt2 of 2) Autistic, Brandon Waits, Nanna Makes His Fruit Smoothies (Brandon's Window Recipe)
4 years and 7 months after reversing, curing and healing his SYMPTOMS of AUTISM using NATURAL TREATMENTS, Brandon is at the table playing his games while Nanna makes his fruit smoothies (Brandon's Window Recipe). Straight from GAPS Foods Recommended List in. Dr Natasha McBride's book Gut and Psychology Syndrome also found in Brandon's Window book. Every 2 days we make a blender/pitcher of smoothies for Brandon, the fresher the better. Every week Brandon's Dad makes 3 gallons of Brandon's Beet-root Lemonade. Plus Brandon drinks 3 gallons of purified water per week. Juicing and water are great detoxifiers. In Brandon's Smoothie, frozen fruit no sugar added(that's very important) 4 cups of frozen fruit, an apple cut up with the peeling, 6 tangerines (or 3 oranges) a raw egg, 1/2 of a cup of PURE HONEY. For the liquid to make it slushy, we use his Brandon's Window Beet-root Lemonade. Brandon has 4-5 (8 oz) fruit smoothies per day. 4-5 (8 oz) Beet-Root Lemonades plus about 20 oz are used in making his smoothie and between each of Brandon's fruit smoothies and Beet-root Lemonade he drinks 4-8 oz of purified water. In everyone of Brandon's Fruit Smoothie and Beet-root Lemonade we hide his natural supplements such as (artic cod liver, Protandum, tuna oil, Candida Freedom, Candida Digest, probiotic capsule,etc. (Dr Chris Greene of Dr Chris's Natural Pharmacy in Snelville GA tells us what type of supplements Brandon needs when he does a NES HEalth scan every 4-6 weeks. Supplements Change as his body/health improves. In Brandon's purfied water we give Brandon his NES Health infoceuticals/natural supplements. ( links to NES Health/Brandon)'s-window.aspx
The following extract is a transcription of the 'Wake up to Nutrition' radio
show, hosted by. Dr Chris Greene. It details a conversation between Dr Chris ... (pan down to the middle of the page to read the article from NES in United Kingdom (UK) wrote about Brandon's Window "NES Health helps to "Reverse Autism Naturally'.
GAPS Protocol:
1. Natural Diet- GAPS diet Foods Recommended/Foods to AVOID
2. Natural Supplementation- Examples (Artic Cod Liver Oil, Protandum, Fish Oils, probiotics etc (just to name a few) NES Health infoceuticals. We hide his supplements in his drinks
3. Detoxing Through lifestyle changes-- fresh air/walks, natural toothpaste, natural deodorant, natural shampoo, natural cleaning products around the house, live plants in the home, no swimming in chlorinated pools, no microwaving etc. etc. (more tips in GAPS book and Brandon's Window.
Brandon has not been sick in almost 5 years. (THANK YOU JESUS!!!!). Because of the GAPS Protocol, Brandon's immune/digestive system gets stronger and stronger everyday!!!!
Seeing is believing! For more information go to and get direct links to over 370 videos documenting my grandson Brandon's AMAZING JOURNEY of REVERSING, CURING, HEALING the SYMPTOMS of AUTISM NATURALLY!