Good news/Bad news

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Good news: With our new health insurance, Eric's therapy is in-network. Hooray!

Bad news: Eric's psychiatrist (the one who first diagnosed Eric with ASD) is now out of network. :( Grrrrrrrrr!

Why can't I have my cake and eat it too?

By the way, Monday is fast becoming my new favorite day of the week.

No work, no therapy, no school, no where we HAVE to be. A day just for us (well, the kids and me. Daddy still has to work).........We decide what we do. And today we are painting birdhouses and frolicking in the sprinkler. There should be more days like this.


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Bad news:
I should have known better than to mention that tidbit about Monday being my new favorite day of the week. I just got this week's therapy schedule......goodbye commitment-free Mondays, I hardly knew thee. I jinxed myself. Damn....sux. I work all weekend so I can be available during the week for my children. I know I should be grateful for the therapies my son receives, I mean he's made wonderful progress because of them, but sheesh, I'm tired! There's no recovery time. I bounce from working professional to mom and chauffeur so quickly, and this time with no break in between. Eric's therapy is NOT close to home. O but anyway, I don't mean to sound whiny, I just need to vent a little so I don't explode.

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As a contractor, I often end up commuting a lot.  One thing that I've done is renovated my car.  I keep snacks in it for those days when traffic ties me up and I have no time.  I keep entertainment options in there for the kid.  I have rewired in a USB hub directly to power to charge many, many devices.