With Help | Get Over the Perils of Social Talks

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Have you ever felt that awkward, knee-jerk response when someone exultantly greets you at a social gathering? The tricks to quickly strike an amiable note at first sight often elude many people, let alone individuals with autism. That’s when a meaningful intervention method comes to the rescue of a child on the spectrum.

Like many other skills, it is important to develop social communication skills at an early age. To be able to mingle freely with people in social settings is a great gift in itself. For autistic kids though, it doesn’t come easy. With their black and white thinking, they prefer to stick to their narrow range of hobbies and remain indifferent to socializing. Quite naturally, parents don’t feel too enthralled by such a glaring limitation in their child, but hey, there is hope; with a smart app, things can be better.

A couple of days back, WebTeam Corporation launched Social Talks – an interactive, fun-filled learning game specifically designed for young autistic children who often find it difficult to engage in small talks.

Social Talks is based on the fundamental principles of applied behavior analysis aka ABA, which advocates positive reinforcement on successful completion of a task. Notably, WebTeam worked on the recommendations made by Dr Vidya Bhushan Gupta to develop this customizable app. You can find it right now! Simply visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/social-talks/id595077452?mt=8