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Help your child understand his or her daily activity with Pic N Color, simlply take photos of there daily activitys or household items and convert them into coloring pages, you then print them out and enjoy hours of family fun coloring them. Go to picncolor.com to check out our demo, and recieve a free box of colored pencils with your order  only $10.95 a great gift for the Holiday


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I'm giving you a chance with this one, even though I suspect it to be spam, because it seems like a fairly normal children's toy. But why are you advertising it on a page for autism?

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Pic n Color did start out to be just another toy for kids, it was not til parents of children with Autism told me that this would help their child, that moved us into this direction. I'm a carpenter by day, and if you read my story on my web page you will understand how the idea of Pic N Color came to be. It was sent from above. I don't know where it's going, but at the price of some of the toys they offer children with Autism, to answer your question why on an Autism blog, I thought I was helping. Spam I would'ent know how to do it. We are currently working on adding stock custom drawn illustrations to Pic N Color that would help children with Autism. I would like to donate some copys of Pic N Color to you to give to some children you may know, just for taking the time to respond, email me a address and I will send them right out, they will have them for the Holiday, and don't be shy if you want 5 or10 you just let me know you can reach me at 315 822-3541 or 315 271-4084 or email picncolor@picncolor.com Thank you, Dominick Testa

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Thank you for this explanation. While I'm a bit odd on this blog in the fact that I *have* autism, I am also a parent of a special needs child who loves to draw, so I may well take you up on this offer.

I was also right to leave your original post in place- in the midst of so much spam deletion I've had to do in the last couple of days. Sounds interesting at least.

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I think this sounds like a great toy for children with autism! I wish someone had thought of it when my son was small. When the grandkids start coming, I'll certainly keep you in mind.

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It came yesterday- my son loves it. We had a lego day at the library earlier, so I had a picture of him with one of his creations, he loved it. We will also be using it in my wife's daycare- we use photos of the children on their cubbies, so I'm thinking about making coloring sheets for that purpose.

Now the critical review part- it is a bit on the complex side (especially the blur control) for a special needs child to use on his own. But it's perfectly fine for a busy parent- just get your photos, drag them on to the app, and hit apply- the blur control seems to be set right by default. Then just File-print all the copies you need for coloring fun!

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It also occurs to me this would be a great way to involve the child in building a PICS like Calendar for what will happen on a given special day. Take pictures of the activities, places, and events similar to those the child will go through- use Pic'N'Color to convert them to a coloring book about the upcoming day. Then use it to both explain to the child what will happen- and give them something to do during the day of the event.