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My beautiful son Owen was diagnosed with autism 10 days after his 3rd birthday.  Life with Owen is an amazing ride...like a roller-coaster with its thrills and chills.  Owen is a passionate fan of military aircraft, and his favorite pastime is surfing the web.  One of my all-time favorite experiences with Owen:  he and I went to our local air show for some quality mommy-son time.  We were able to get a primo spot right at the fenceline, to see the Blue Angels perform, and we got to meet the pilots and get their autographs after the show.  The joy on Owen's face as he shook those pilots' hands is something that I'll remember and cherish for the rest of my life.  Owen also adores his 11-year-old brother and our two cats. 

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I have two sons.  Owen has a brother who is 15 months older.  Both of them are amazing!  Sometimes I feel inadequate to deal with their needs, but overall, I believe I'm a good mom.

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I have been feeling increasingly overwhelmed by my son's autistic behaviors and the issues that go along with his autism.  I realized how much I really need support from other parents of kids with autism spectrum disorders.

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Despite the daily struggles, I feel blessed to have my two sons.  I love them with all my heart, and they are the greatest gifts in my life! 


My primary hobby is reading, especially Jonathan Kellerman novels (I've read almost all of his Alex Delaware books).  I also love to write, draw, and paint in my free time, which usually seems in woefully short supply!  I also have a strong interest in the business world, and I dream of someday starting my own company.  Right now, I'm back in college, taking various courses in the business and info tech fields, in hopes of advancing my career goals.  I'm also devoted to supporting my sons in their own schooling and other activities and hobbies.  So...not much free time these days, but when I do have it, I try to make the most of it.

Favorite Music

I love most music...AC/DC, Bonnie Raitt, the Dixie Chicks, the Rolling Stones, and U2 are some of my favorites. 

Favorite Books

It's easier to list my favorite authors than my favorite books:  I love to read anything by Jonathan Kellerman or John Grisham.  Eventually I plan to branch out and read other authors of crime fiction/legal thrillers.

Favorite TV Shows

So You Think You Can Dance, In Treatment, Battlestar Galactica, Saving Grace, The Closer


Two cats: a spayed female named Xev, and a neutered male named Starbuck

Favorite Movies

Current favorite movie:  The Dark Knight

Other favorites:  The Incredibles, The Shawshank Redemption, Life is Beautiful 


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