We provide innovative intervention using touch screen technology and cameras for children with autism and aspergers syndrome

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Autism intervention can be a great burden on the government, Insurance companies & parents. There are various Autism intervention methods available. One of the most commonly used intervention method is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Shanesh Color Program uses a method of delivering ABA by utilizing touch screen technology and 3D animation. This Autism Intervention method can be the most cost effective intervention method for school and home setup.

Shanesh Color Program delivers individualized, colorful, vibrant, 3D animation and animated videos for Autism Intervention. Shanesh Color Program is an intervention program which utilizes Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and child’s likings for children with autism. This autism intervention method is very effective because it delivers customized and individualized intervention. The high definition touch screen kiosk makes the animation more effective and user-friendly for kids with autism. The interactive, animated content makes the intervention very interesting and effective. This technology keeps track of each and every touch and the responses from the child and makes it available to researchers and therapists for further analysis and improvements. This technology makes the intervention available anywhere in a most cost-effective way. The offered intense cost-effective intervention delivery mechanism is a new way to deliver intervention to kids with autism in the twentieth century. The classrooms for special needs children needs to be changed and should utilize technology for betterment of the kids with autism. “The controlled technology driven supplemental intervention is the way to go in this world of Google, Facebook and Tweeter” says Nish Parikh, CEO, WebTeam Corporation. “The special needs classrooms are technologically underserved and can be made cost-effective and in some areas more effective using the technology. We cannot replace human touch for the autism intervention but definitely help the human touch to make it more effective using technology.”

The challenge we are facing in the world of autism intervention is a high cost, less availability of resources and increasing population with autism. How can we handle this challenging situation and build a broader cost effectively bandwidth to do justice to these children with autism. The intense smart intervention delivery mechanism is the way to go. The smart delivery mechanism will track and monitor interventions for further analysis. “In the world of YouTube and high bandwidth internet at home and at work, we must start using the innovative technology to deliver and record intervention for further research. “I believe this theory and technology can change the world of special needs education and intervention. The challenge with autism intervention is documentation and trend recording. Our technology offers tracking, and recording of the intervention using our patent pending method and technology. The accurate trend analysis and variation of the intervention environment will open up some new doors for research on the development of the effective intervention for autism” says Nish Parikh, architect of the Shanesh COLOR Program and technology.

For the betterment of the families affected with autism, we are seeking support from parents, educators and researchers for this innovative technology.

Shanesh Color Program offers cost-effective individualized ABA intervention using the technology and can replicate the consistent intervention at home. Visit www.shanesh.com for more information.